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BLUES RIFFS FOR ORCHESTRA , John Babbitt, middle or high school level.
086-ST         $35.00
A CELTIC CELEBRATION, Arr. Bonnie Greene, a medley of fiddle tunes, various meters. Middle or high school level.
089-ST       $35.00
FIDDLE FEST, Arr. Bonnie Greene, multi-level elementary to middle school.
083-ST       $35.00
FLOP-EARED FIDDLES, Arr. Bonnie Greene, multi-level elementary to middle school.
084-ST       $35.00
  JAMBOREE, Arr. Greene, Show stopper fiddlin' multi-level for middle to high school.
082-ST       $35.00
JUST DON'T WORK NO MORE, John Babbitt, High energy, fast-paced repetitive patterns with a blues-based harmony. Lots of kid appeal. Great bass patterns from a bass player composer. For middle to high school levels.
087-ST       $35.00
KLARINA, Bonnie Greene, a gypsy style opening cadenza leading into melodies with jazzy harmonies. Middle to high school levels.
081-ST       $35.00
WHEN BARTOK GETS BLUE, Bonnie Greene, 12-bar blues with a Bartok pizz. Middle to High School levels.
088-ST       $35.00
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